Sunrain All-in-One Hybrid Water Heater

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CSNA All-in-one Hybrid Water Heater


Secret behind the high efficiency

The hybrid water heater is compatible with 3 heating methods. The ultimate efficiency is achieved by combining them.

  1. Heat pump — advanced technology, energy saving
  2. Solar — free energy, if available
  3. Heat element — for instant hot water demand

How does a Heat Pump water heater work?

The heat pump system is powered by electricity. Instead of using electricity to generate heat directly, it transfers heat from one source to another. Result in 4x more efficiency than conventional electric water heaters.


Rise the temperature and pressure of the gas refrigerant.

Heat Element

An electric heat element, provides sufficient hot water whenever you need it.

2nd Coil

Hook it up to your solar system, pool, floor heating, hot tub, etc.


Liquid refrigerant absorbs heat, vaporizing into gas.

Condensor Coil

Gas refrigerant heat up the tank, and condenses back into liquid.

Hot Water

Supply hot water to your house.


Annual Operation Cost

  • Heat Pump $120

    Reduced further with solar energy

  • Electric $405
  • Gas $339

*Data based on DOE, 64 gallons of consumption per day


Examples of expandability

Hot Tub
Floor Heating

Additional functions

  1. Automatic Defrost
  2. Vacation Mode
  3. Sterilization
  4. Cool Air Production
  5. Modbus Compactible
  6. Automatic Error Checking
  7. Quick Heat


Your living habits

Program your water heater to match your demand. e.g.

  • Turn it off during solar hours, or when no one is home.
  • Preheat before high use times like morning.
  • Quick heat when you need instant hot water.

Stay connected

Enable remote control using Modbus gateway.

  • Adjust the temperature without leaving the hot pot.
  • Smart temperature control.
  • Instant warning.



10-Year Limited Tank and Parts Warranty


  • SGS
  • Energy Star

Additional information


200L, 300L


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